How to obtain id of dhtmlxcombo

Hi again, very glad with your support


i have this situation:

I have integrated dhtmlxGrid and dhtmlxCombo with autocomplete. The autocomplete comes from the next file, complete.php:

function getDataFromDB($mask){
  $sql = “SELECT distinct item_nm FROM Countries Where item_nm like '”.mysql_real_escape_string($mask)."%’";
  $sql.= " Order By item_nm LIMIT “. $_GET[“pos”].”,20";

  if ( $_GET[“pos”]==0)
  $res = mysql_query ($sql);
    print("<option id="".$row[“item_id”]."">");
   echo mysql_errno().": “.mysql_error().” at “.LINE.” line in “.FILE.” file


well, and the ordinary en the html file:



So, in this case i have the last column with the dhtmlxcombo with autocomplete…im using an example of the table countries, there are 3 fields: item_id,item_nm,item_cd

It works fine, no errors.

But what happens if i want to save only the id of the selected countrie…

mmmm, i mean:

i write: ‘Aust’… and fast come the Autocomplete with the suggestion: ‘Austria’

well, when im done and press Enter, its suppose is inline editing, but there is a method to get the id of the selected option

because i see in the complete.php that generates an xml with:

print("<option id="".$row[“item_id”]."">");

so i see $row[“item_id”] putting into an ‘id’ of the option

oohh its so confuse, i hope you understandme, i dont speak english so good


Please, use value instead of id:

print("<option value="".$row[“item_id”]."">");

The value of the selected option is the cell value of the grid. So, you can use the following method:

var value = grid.cells(row_id,cell_index).getValue();