How to open a link with the "real" LightBox ?


i created a new Button which open Google Map and show me the direction. I just don’t want to open a new window. I want to show GoogleMap in a LightBox-Script. In the “real” LightBox (GreyBox, Thickbox, ShadowBox …) i always need a “<a href” attribute to set the “rel=” parameter. Is there a solution or you guys have any idea how to solve this with AJAX because i don’t have that attribute?!

For the moment i do it like this:

showMap = function(A) {'' + A + '&ie=UTF8&z=15');

Thank you

There is no way to inject tag in the button’s code ( at least not without code modifications ), but from my experience, most lightbox script has alternative way to show self - through js command. So you can just call that show command from onclick handler provided by the scheduler.

Hello Stanislav

Have you got any example? I’m trying the whole weekend without any solution :frowning:

For GreyBox it will be

showMap = function(A) { GB_show("Some captions",'' + A + '&ie=UTF8&z=15'); };

Thanks so far … now it opens GreyBox but without Google Map. There comes nothing. Where’s the problem? If I put any webpage it works.

Is the same sample with google map works for you in case of native link tags (not in scheduler but in some other page )?

The above code must work exactly the same as above script - so if page works with links it must work with code as well.

It is possible, that google map page is too complex to be loaded correctly in GreyBox

Hmm … this is possible because it works with any link.
I saw something about the “fancybox”. You know something about this script? This one works as well with ajax?

Thank you for your help

Try to replace in above code GB_show with GB_showPage - it must be more reliable.

I tried with the same result :frowning:

Checked locally - and yes, problem occurs. returns page which contains X-Frame-Options header, which disallow loading of page in the iframe

I don’t think you will be able to show google map in such way, in any lightbox. You will need to use google map api and init google map control on the same page, where scheduler resides - such kind of content will work correctly with lightbox.