How to open cell editor after adding row?

I’m using version //v.2.6 build 100722 and I’m trying to alter one of your examples to automatically select cell(1) after adding a row. The addRow function is called to add the new row to the grid, the correct row is selected but it will not enter into edit mode on cell 1. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Try to use following code:

function addRow() { var id = (new Date()).valueOf(); mygrid.addRow(id,[0,'','','',false,'na',false,'']); //inserts bottom of grid mygrid.selectRowById(id); var rowindex = mygrid.getRowIndex(id); window.setTimeout(function(){ mygrid.selectCell(rowindex,1,false,false,true,true); mygrid.editCell(); },1); return true; }

Thanks for your help, it worked great!