How to open lightbox in year view

I have followed the documentation and examples for year view.
Everything is working but in ‘Year’ view when I click on the ‘details’ icon inside the tooltip to open lightbox, it does not open.
I am using the following code.

public DHXScheduler Scheduler { get; set; }
    protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
        this.Scheduler = new DHXScheduler();
        Scheduler.Views.Add(new DayView());
        Scheduler.Views.Add(new WeekView());
        Scheduler.Views.Add(new MonthView());
        var yearView = new YearView();

        Scheduler.InitialDate = DateTime.Now;
        Scheduler.Config.first_hour = 0;
        Scheduler.Config.last_hour = 24;
        Scheduler.Config.time_step = 30;
        Scheduler.Config.limit_time_select = true;
        Scheduler.Config.isReadonly = false;
        Scheduler.Config.readonly_form = false;
        Scheduler.Config.year_x = 4;
        Scheduler.Config.year_y = 3;

        Scheduler.DataAction = this.ResolveUrl("~/order/Data.ashx");
        Scheduler.SaveAction = this.ResolveUrl("~/order/Save.ashx");
        Scheduler.LoadData = true;
        Scheduler.EnableDataprocessor = true;

        var box = Scheduler.Lightbox.SetExternalLightboxForm("PromotionLightBox.aspx", 750, 456);
        Scheduler.Skin = DHXScheduler.Skins.Glossy;

        //grid view
        var grid = new DHTMLX.Scheduler.Controls.GridView("grid");//initializes the view
           new GridViewColumn("text", "Promotion Name")
               Sorting = GridViewColumn.Sort.String            

           new GridViewColumn("start_date", "Start Date")
               Template = "{start_date:date(%d-%m-%Y %H:%i)}"
               Sorting = GridViewColumn.Sort.Date               
           new GridViewColumn("end_date", "End Date")
               Template = "{end_date:date(%d-%m-%Y %H:%i)}"
               Sorting = GridViewColumn.Sort.Date               

        Scheduler.InitialView = grid.Name; 

sorry for such delayed reply. We’ve reproduced the issue with custom lightbox Year view. We’ll try to provide an update in the nearest days

I have the same problem, and i dont know why i cant open double clicking in the details icon my lightbox.


I tried to reproduce the issue in the sample
and the lightbox opens as expected. Does it work for you in the sample?

nvm, i resolved the issue.

Thank you anyways :smiley: