How to pass id's of selected items to another web page?

Since I’ve had a chance to play with my new, “Hello World”, tree menu, I really like it!

Now, I need a ‘submit’ button and the id’s of the selected items(using checkboxes here) to be sent to another page. (Btw, the three state checkboxes rock!)

Below is my “Hello World”, tree menu code.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


DHTML Tree Test Page
Hello World?

There are two methods which can be used to get selected (checked) items:

  • the list of checked items (doesn’t contain partially checked nodes):

var list = tree.getAllChecked();

  • teh list of all checked items including ids of partially checked nodes

var list = tree.getAllCheckedBranches();

In order to pass this list to server you may use form or Ajax. In the latter case you may try dhtmlxAjax: … quest.html