How to pass parameter to server side

Hi folks,
I’ve this lightbox in a client html:

scheduler.config.lightbox.sections = [ { name:"template",height: 50, type:"template", map_to:"my_template"}, { name:"posselect", map_to:"SHOPOSID", type:"multiselect", options: scheduler.serverList("SHOPOSID"), script_url: 'sho_load.php?OC=12345678', vertical:"true" }, { name: "LIFNR", options: SHOLIFNR, map_to: "SHOLIFNR", type: "combo", image_path: "common/dhtmlxCombo/imgs/", height:30, filtering: true }, { name: "Note", map_to: "SHONOTE", type: "textarea"}, { name: "time", height: 100, type: "time", map_to: "auto"}
and server side this:

$sql=“select SHOPOSID as value,SHOPOSTXT as label from POS where SHOOC=’”.$OC."’";

$scheduler = new SchedulerConnector($res, “SQLSrv”);
$scheduler->set_options(“SHOPOSID”, $posCross->options);[/code]

when run all check-boxes are not selected.
If I change the script_url: 'sho_load.php?OC=12345678' in script_url: 'sho_load.php' and I set $OC=“123456” server-side everything works.
My problem is to pass variables from client to server to filter the options to view in the client.
Any idea?
Thanks in advance

seems like multiselect control does not expect script_url to have any query parameters, thus it results in malformed url if you specify any params:
As a workaround you can either pass OC value in cookies or you can patch a multiselect extension a bit and use your fixed version until we correct it from our end. Here is a problematic line … ect.js#L47


$sql="select SHOPOSID as value,SHOPOSTXT as label from POS where SHOOC='".$OC."'";

Hi Aliaksandr,
thanks for your help. I changed dhtmlxscheduler multiselect.js for my needs and all works.
Thanks again!