How to present tree node as a link on treegrid


We use DHTMLX PRO (reg. number 289102905).

I created a dhtmlxTreeGrid and I’d like to present my tree node (colType = tree) as a link so I could put A HREF on it.

I tried to use <![CDATA[URL]]> on XML, but failed.

How should I format my XML?


You can use “link” eXcell type. Please find example here … cells#link

Thanks for your reply, but your example does not fit in my issue.
I need an example containing a 2-type column (TREE AND LINK), is it possible? In your example, it’s only a link.
My code:

The first column should be a TREE and a LINK too.
I tried to put ‘^’ in first column cells, but tree is broken.

Thanks in advance,