How to prevent auto calculation of start date, end date and duration


I am passing the start date, end date, and duration. I just wanted to prevent the auto calculation of Gantt.

Hello Abid,
When you load the task data into Gantt, it needs to modify it to the format it works with. If there are only 2 date parameters, for example, only the start_date and duration, Gantt needs to calculate the end_date. If there are all three date parameters, the duration parameter will be ignored and calculated from the start_date and end_date parameters.
There is no way to change how it works.
However, you can change what is displayed for the users. You can set the gantt.config.duration_unit to minute and add the formatters that will convert the minute units to days or months:
Here is an example of how it works:

Hi, Ramil!
Is it possible to disable the calculation today?

Hello Nick,
Gantt expects that each task you load should have the date parameters.
If a task is unscheduled, Gantt still adds the dates, but starting from the 8.0.7 version, unscheduled tasks are ignored when Gantt auto-schedules tasks and calculates the critical path or slacks:,unscheduled%20child%20tasks