How to prevent collapsing subgrid when Check/Uncheck the che


I have a grid with subgrid. In the main grid, i have a first column name called manage. This manage column having vaues as check box. When i open the subgrid by clciking the (+) sysmbol, the subgrid is expanding. Now i check/uncheck the checkbox palced in the manage column, it collapse the subgrid. How to resolve this issue?

Please help me.

It is happening not only clciking the checkbox, when you double clcik the cell in the row, the row got collapsed the subgrid. i want prevent this?
how to do that?

By default , when any cell inside row switched to edit state - related sub-row closed.
It is done in such way to allow normal editors rendering.

The only way to change behavior - code modification.
You can locate line in dhtmlxgrid_excell_sub_row.js , which starts from
and comment it.

By the way, current logic not affects checkbox or radio columns, change of their value will not cause sub-row closing.