How to prevent pasting when editing a cell and how to make k

I have been experiencing a few issues with copying and pasting using the keyboard and I have included the solutions below in case they should be of use to someone.

The first problem I had was that when editing a cell if I tried to paste data using ctrl-v then the grid would close the cell editor (loosing any changes) and attempt to paste the data as a block selection. To prevent block pasting whilst the user is editing (and have any data pasted into the cell editor instead) add   if (!mygrid.editor) { …  } around the copy/paste code.

Secondly I was having a problem whereby I’d have to select a row on the grid before keyboard copy/pasting would work. To solve this you can call the mygrid.setActive(); method to make your grid the currently active dhtmlxgrid on the current page.



function onKeyPressed(code,ctrl,shift){
    if (!mygrid.editor) {     
    return true;

Both updates incorporated in main code branch and will be available as part of next version ( 1.4 )
Thanks for your code improvments.