How to prevent tree nodes from moving/copying between 2 tree


I have 2 trees on a page and I wish to enable drag and drop from one tree to another. However I do NOT want the

display to show the nodes as having been moved or copied between the trees. I wish to have an event get fired

and then I do what I want with the data involving the dragged node(s) and the drop-target node. I still want to show the

node(s) being dragged.

Thanks in advance


Tree have a onDrag event which can be used for such case�target_tree.attachEvent(“onDrag”,function(sid,tid,nid,sobj,tobj){� � //any custom code here� � return false; // block default d-n-d});parameters of d-n-d contains all necessary infosid - source id ( drag )tid - target id ( drop on )sobj - source tree objecttobj - target tree object