how to put a value in the header of the month view

Hi,I need to put a value in the header part. could you show me how to do that?


Please check Settings Templates page in our documentation.

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Thank you for your answer first. I’ve dealt with many components in dhtmlx. In general, it was not difficult, as there is sample source directly connected to dhtmlx api. However, in terms of scheduler, it’s difficult to follow the api document, as im not good at jQuery.

I’d like to put some value in the left side of each day header in the month view.

could you provide any working code related to my question?
Thank you

Hello, Tomas.

Sure though I am not quite sure what do you mean by header of the month view.
If you want to change ‘2009 September’ label then you need to use month_date template.
If you want to change name of the days - month_scale_date.
And dates in cells - month_day.

var format =; scheduler.templates.month_day = function(date){ var str = ''; if(date.getDate() == 15 && date.getMonth() == 1) str += "(My birthday!) "; return str+=format(date); };
Also check attached screenshot.

Not sure what do you mean mentioning jQuery (as we don’t use it) but if you have some ideas how we can change our documentation so it would be helpful to you in this case - please be sure to share it. We want it to be helpful as much as possible to everyone.

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Your answer is really close to what i want, but its location is not right side. It is also great tip.
Thank you.