How to realize the pagination in touch grid component?


I want to display 30 items per page in grid component through the server side or client side paging technology.But the grid component doesn’t has navigation footer.
How to add the navigation panel?

You can add toolbar below the grid and place necessary buttons on it. (180 KB)

First thank you,it’s a good alternative method.

But it seems not an integral whole.In my opinion,other properties should be added in the grid,
such as ‘toolbarPosition,toolbarContent,pageSize,remotePaging’.The grid build its page information basing on these may refer to the ‘’.

The ideal display effect like below picture.

I hope you add this function in your next version .

Current approach allows to customize toolbar as you wish, and position it anywhere on the page.
Predefined settings may simplify initial usage, but will limit customization after that. We may add some code helpers to simplify paging organization (api to set|get current page and etc.) but we have not plans to make a paging bar as a part of grid ( there are too many possible way to show it, and limiting to one predefined solution looks as a bad strategy )