How to refer to a Layout?


I’m trying to structure my code in separate files.
My code is currently separate in 2 files.


[/code]First one is the general declaration of the overall web page structure common to all pages.
Second one is specific to the displayed page.

When all code is together, it’s running well.
When i separate it, i’m not able to refer to the Layout object. Even if i declare it without a “var”.
I easily understand that my object is no longer available in the second script scope.

So how to refer to the layout objet to be able to manipulate it. Something like that

var myPreviouslyDeclaredLayout = document.getElementById("someId"); var NewForm = myPreviouslyDeclaredLayout.cells("c").attachForm(); NewForm .loadStruct("xml/form_index.html.xml");
But Layout contructor does not support Id declaration.

Thanks for your help.

To reproduce your issue we need a demo with your js files.
Guide of creating demo is here: … leted_demo