How to refresh calendar after blocking a date


I have a button named “Block” in the lightbox, start_date and end_date are passed to an action method called “Block” in the AdminController when the button is clicked. The lightbox will be Closed and the specific date and time will be blocked and shown on the calendar. My problem is I am not able to get the blocked time shown on the Calendar after the lightbox is closed unless I reload the view. Can someone please help? Thanks!

you can block time on the client and redraw the scheduler. After that time will be blocked on the client without reloading … espan.html … tview.html

Thanks for the response. I tried using following js codes in the partial view for lightbox:

                    start_date: $('#start_date').val(),
                    end_date: $('#end_date').val(),
                    css: "gray_section",
                    type: "dhx_time_block" 

Got this exception “TypeError: this.obj is undefined” when it tried to execute the last line of code. Please advise. Thanks.