How to refresh the Constant of Tab in iframes-on-demand mode

Hello Sir,

In my project I am using dhtmlxTab ( iframes-on-demand mode) where , I want to refresh or reload the Constant of say Tab_1. How I can do that? please do needful action ASAP.

Please refer the code below which i have used ,

tabbar=new dhtmlXTabBar(“a_tabbar”,“top”);





                tabbar.addTab(“a1”,“RSS Distribution”,“100px”);


                tabbar.addTab(“a3”,“IDEAL MEAN”,“100px”);

                tabbar.addTab(“a4”,“Add/Remove Files”,“115px”);

                tabbar.addTab(“a5”,“Process Data”,“100px”);








if you want reload for example tab with id that is equal to “a1”, you can use the following method:


if(tabbar.getActiveTab()==“a1”) tabbar.forceLoad(“a1”);


if(tabbar.getActiveTab()==“a1”) tabbar.forceLoad(“a1”); 

Hello Sir,

In my case both URL’S (url & new_url) are same. I want to reload the Constant of tab a1 if I am in any tab. I have apply above method which you sent me but its not reloding the url file even if I am in tab a1 , its blinks once but the Constant of the file are not reflecting the changes. Please do needful ASAP.

The provided approach must work. Please, take a look at the sample: … mes2.html#

Possibly the page is cached. You can try to add some random number to the url to prevent caching.

If issue still persists, please, provide a sample or a direct link to reproduce the issue