How to reload a template

Hi, In my project I am using view like this:

{ view: 'layout', height: 482, width: 322, id: 'visor_radios', rows: [ { view: 'layout', id: 'visor_radios2', rows: [ { view: 'template', template: '<img width=100% src="'+ nhc +'&imagen='+imagen+'" id=imagen>', id: 'radioimg', height: img.height}, {view:"toolbar", type:"TransparentBar", elements:dhx.fullCopy(vistabrillo), id:"toolbar1" }, {view:"toolbar", type:"TransparentBar", elements:dhx.fullCopy(vistacontraste), id:"toolbar2" }, {view: 'button', label: 'Reset', id: 'botonreset', inputWidth:100, align: "center"} ] } ] }

as you see I need to load the source with some variables. If I call it with static data it works, but when I call the view with the variables I need to reload that view, and I dont know how to do it, what is the function to do

Thanks so much

You can use code like

$$(‘radioimg’).define(“template”, “any new string here”);