How to remove navigation bar when using DhtmlXLayout

I want to have the scheduler only in a ‘timeline’ mode. I do not want to show the navigation bar. I am using DhtmlxLayout to place the scheduler in the page. It seems by default navigation bar is shown when used with DhtmlLayout.

This is stopping me from continuing further! Can someone help?


attachScheduler function actually now accepts two more arguments:

cell.attachScheduler(date, mode, container_id, scheduler_instance);

In your case we are interested in container_id. You can put mark up of your scheduler somewhere:




[/code] And then pass "scheduler_here" as container id. Notice I've also set to not display navigation section. Additionally you would need to set [code] scheduler.xy.nav_height = 0; [/code] Kind regards, Ilya

I am getting following exception when I tried it:

Uncaught Error: HIERARCHY_REQUEST_ERR: DOM Exception 3
at line: dhtmlxcontainer.js:1347

Full sample:


Attach dhtmlxScheduler to Layout
<link rel="STYLESHEET" type="text/css" href="../../../dhtmlxScheduler/codebase/dhtmlxscheduler.css">
<script  src="../../../dhtmlxScheduler/codebase/dhtmlxscheduler.js"></script>
<script src="../../codebase/dhtmlxcontainer.js"></script>
html, body{ height:100%; }
<div id="scheduler_here" class="dhx_cal_container" style='width:100%; height:100%;'>
	<div class="dhx_cal_navline" style="display: none;">
		<div class="dhx_cal_prev_button">&nbsp;</div>
		<div class="dhx_cal_next_button">&nbsp;</div>
		<div class="dhx_cal_today_button"></div>
		<div class="dhx_cal_date"></div>
		<div class="dhx_cal_tab" name="day_tab" style="right:204px;"></div>
		<div class="dhx_cal_tab" name="week_tab" style="right:140px;"></div>
		<div class="dhx_cal_tab" name="timeline_tab" style="right:280px;"></div>
		<div class="dhx_cal_tab" name="month_tab" style="right:76px;"></div>
	<div class="dhx_cal_header">
	<div class="dhx_cal_data">

Make sure you are using 3.5 version.

Best regards,