How to remove the clicked highlighted area?


I have updated my version of dhtmlxScheduler from 4.3.1 to 4.4.0

I notice a problem.
I start with an empty Scheduler

When I click on an empty area, A highlighted area is displayed

I do not want this highlight to appear for several reasons:
1: it is not correct, I redefined the Y-axis every 20 minutes and this zone appears on 30 minutes
2: I think it’s not pretty
3: When I change week, this area always appears in the top left of de scheduler

How can we not show this area?


marker is added by the updated key_nav extension.
You can either change the marker step to 20 minutes … onfig.html
or hide it either using css:

.dhx_focus_slot {display:none;}

or by removing key nav extension if you don’t need it.


I would not recommend Aliaksandrs solution anymore, at least for the timeline. There is a gap of 1px once you toggle between the matrix and the time x_axis. Instead I would recommend

.dhx_focus_slot {opacity:0;}