How to reset the autoresize extension

I need to write a Vue application (an SPA) which only loads the javascript once and then the page is never reloaded again, the div for the scheduler needs to be responsive, that’s why I use the auto resize extension, however, this extension only works if I reload the page, if I use something like Vue router to allow the user visit different pages as soon as he visits another page and then comes back to the timeline page, the scheduler is no longer responsive and I don’t know if there is a way to reset the extension so it can work properly again? I’m using the trial version of the scheduler and I really need help before purchasing it because without this feature working well I would have to implement a different component. Is there a way to reset the auto resize extension? I made a reproducible link with the “bug” from my perspective. Also, this is a gif where I show the behavior I want to fix.

Code with reproduction

In the gif I show how the component is no longer responsive after I leave the page and go back. I used minimal vue code with vuetify to setup a minor interface similar to my existing setup.