How to resize columns or show overflowing text on touch devi

With enableResize() set is it possible to resize columns on a touch device? On desktop I can hover over the column divider in the header and see an horizontal arrow and click and dragging there allows me to resize the column width. I can’t seem to do this on a touch device. Is there another way?

Also when I hover over cells that have data that is longer than the column width there is a mouseover popup that shows the full width of the text. Clearly touch has to hover so is there a way to show full text of small columns?


Unfortunately the both features are not available on touch devices.


Couple more touch related questions. It doesn’t look like these are available either, but want to make sure.

On a touch device can you:
Reorder columns with drag and drop?
Select multiple rows?
Scroll the grid by dragging the header or footer?


Unfortunately you’re right. These features are also not available on touch devices.