How to retrieve child id in dhtmlxtreegrid


I am using dhtlxtreegrid in this i am able to retrieve parentid but i am unable retrieve child id dynamically

var c = {

    rows: [{ id: data[i].ID,

                        // i am taking it as child id, data fields

rows: [{ id: 'data[i].id', data: [data[i].id, data[i].Userid, data[i].name, data[i].city]}],

                              // i am taking it as parent fields
data: [data[i].Isonline, data[i].Name]




                            mygrid.parse(js, "json");


this my code how i am displaying the items dynamically.

Please tell is there any other process. to retrieve child id.

Thank you.

Unfortunately the issue cannot be reconstructed.
Please, provide any kind of sample of your code to reconstruct the issue.