How to run downloaded examples

I have dhtmlx folder in the following location:
d:\folder1\dhtmlx. I have created a web with port 8040 pointing to D:\folder1\dhtmlx.
When I run localhost:8040/samples/dhtmlxTre … _init.html
I get a message box saying:
Error type: Configuration
Description: Incorrect cell type: tree

Any idea?


None of dhtmlxTreeGrid and a half of dhtmlxGrid samples don’t even run. I need to have a complete evaluation of the product before I present my findings to the management. I need each and every sample being fully functional.


I have downloaded the latest version. Now samples are not crashing but they are not showing much of the data. Like nothing at all. Well, some text:
Drag and Drop between Grids

Drag-n-drop within Grid(TreeGrid), between Grids(TreeGrids)

running samples/dhtmlxTreeGrid/05_drag_n_drop/01_treeGrid_drag.html

And here is what Console shows:
Uncaught TypeError: this._createHierarchy is not a functioninit @ dhtmlx.js:9doOnLoad @ 02_treeGrid_init.html:19onload @ 02_treeGrid_init.html:25

Guys, can someone, please, have a look?

Ok, this line causes the problem:

But without it I am not getting a tree structure.

Hi zolotoy
What version dhtmlxSuite you are using? PRO OR STANDARD, treeGrid only available on PRO version.


I am evaluating the one I can download on that site.

Hello, zolotoy.

the “tree” column requires treegrid extension, which is available in PRO version only.
the mentioned samples package was included in the STD suite package by mistake.

I see, thanks.