How to save data not escaped, nor encoded?


I have form input that should allow to edit html. Using rows attribute above 1 for input. (Actually there are html editor connected to that field). Form loads fine for first time, with html tags. But when I save it with standard php form connector - all html tags are stripped.

How to disable that for one particular field in form? Not encoded, nor escaped, saved by placeholder(to not broke sql) to db? I have find on forum how to save raw html for full form, not one input, and it changes html, thats worst.

I can write own save connector what will receive form by POST request made by JQuery ajax, but don’t want to, cause there will be a number of such forms. There are no security risk, as form accessible by admin only and password protected.

I’m very new to dhtmlx.


I found a way for full form, could anybody help to do same for one particular field of form?

ConnectorSecurity::$xss = DHX_SECURITY_TRUSTED;

Above will be protected by .htaccess or php basic auth.


Unfortunately it is not available to define different xss filtering level for the different elements. ConnectorSecurity can be define once for the whole connector.