How to save grid-changes with custom-made xml?

Hi all,

i’ve written a php-page that generates xml.
this xml is showed in my grid.

my question is how to save changes of the grid. When i change a cell in the grid, a also need to run a custom made code because the normal mysql-connector will make errors…

how does this work?


You can save changed from dhtmlxGrid using DataProcessor, serialization or form integration


can someone give me an example please?
I cannot find how to make it work…

Can someone help please?
When I work with the connector, this is on the client side:

myDataProcessor = new dataProcessor(“php/update_all.php”);
myDataProcessor.setTransactionMode(“POST”, true);

BUT, must update_all.php be XML format? or return it? and how?
and which values can be used in the update_all.php?

I searched samples and documentation for houres, but cannot find it myself :s


Check if you configured data base connection property.