How to save japanse Characters In Database from DHTML Grid


We use your Grid… The Japanese characters are displayed in Grid…When I edit the cell and enter japanese character and save the grid… The records is in the cell is display as null…

This is my coding

<%@ page language=“java” contentType=“text/xml; charset=utf-8”



ArrayList objArray = Tasks.dynamicColumn(request);

StringBuffer sb=new StringBuffer();

String parentId=(String) request.getParameter(“gr_id”);    

String[] columns;

int arrSize = objArray.size();

columns = new String[arrSize];

//columns[0]=(String) request.getParameter(“WBSNo”);

for (int count=0;count<objArray.size();count++){

columns[count]=(String) request.getParameter(objArray.get(count).toString());


We are save the grid using Dataprocessor in JSP

we change the character set also in the JSP page…

How can we fetch the JAPANESE character from the DHTML Grid…

Please help me ASAP



The component is fully client side and will work with any encoding which supported by browser, so it can be used with any encoding,

The problem may be caused by the way how characters encoded when sent to server side.
If you are using dhtmlxgrid 1.5 build 80319 it must apply fix automatically, in case of older build you can made next modification.

dhtmlxdataprocessor.js  locate the next string in it
and replace with

I am Using the dhtmlxGrid v.1.5 Professional edition build 71114… If the JS is old please send me the Latest dataprocessor.JS to my Mail Id

Thanks and Regards

I change the escape to encodeURIComponent in the dhtmlxdataProcessor.js again I got the Junk values for Japanese character… I change the character set also… It display junk in the Grid and as well as Database… How can I avoid this situvation…

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Will any one give me the solution for the Junk Problem in my Grid
I am using the UTF-8 Character Set in my JSP page…
<%@ page language=“java” contentType="text/xml; charset=utf-8"

In Saving also I am using the Same Character Set…

Please help me to fix the issues ASAP…

Thanks and Regards

Please be sure that your HTML page loaded with UTF8 encoding as well.
If you have all part of process working with UTF, it must not cause any problems. ( the component itself doesn’t made any special encoding, it just uses browser built in functionality, which must work with any encoding )

Now my page encoding is changed to SHIFT_JIS. How can I get the Japanese Character without Junk

When I edit the cell and enter japanese character and save the grid… The records is in the cell is display as JUNK Value…

Please help me to avoid this situvation…

Thanks and Regards

If you are using custom encoding - please be sure that all 3 stage of processing
    - server side code
    - xml data
    - client side HTML page

configured to use the same encoding as default.