how to save the Data in Grid for Copy and paste Records

How to save the records for Copy and paste records in Grid…

For example If copy row 1 and 2 and paste it in the grid…

When I click the Save the Pasted row should be saved in Database.

I am using Dataprocessor method for Cell Edit Saving… How can I perform the save operation for Copy and paste rows…

I am using JSP and MYSQL for save purpose.

Please guide me ASAP

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If you are using block-selection feature to working with clipboard - it has native integration with dataprocessor.
If you are using custom code for row manipulation - any row created through addRow will trigger dataprocessor ( just changing position of existing row will not trigger any event, because dataprocessor not saves row positions )


I want to implement both block Selection and Add row concept in my Grid.

Will Please explain about this concept
1. Block Selection of Copy and Paste
2. Add Row Concept 

1. If  I select 1 to 5 rows and paste in the Grid… when Click the Save button the Pasted rows should be saved in Database.
2. If Add a new Row in the Grid and click the Save button the added New Row should be saved in Database.

  1. Block Selection of Copy and Paste
        allows to select block of content and place it in clipboard, or update the existing data from clipboard
        automatically trigger “update” event for rows updated from clipboard. … 7650172000

    >>2. Add Row Concept
        any call to addRow command will trigger “insert” event, and row in question will be marked as updated.

    In both cases you need to enable dataprocessor , not any special command to enable data saving required.