How to save treegrid into XML

I take the sample given from the web, I able to load the xml into the treegrid but unable to serialize by pressing the serialize link. “Error Method not found” . Any idea which library file i need to include?

And I want to try out on how to save the new edited treegrid back into the xml that I load previously. Any example to show?

Thank you


Delete selected rows
addRowBefore selected rows
addRowAfter selected rows


Unfortunately the issue cannot be reconstructed.
Your sample works well for us.
serialize() method is available in PRO version of grid only. Please, make sure that you have it

May I know which library file contains this method? I’m using the 30 days evaluation PRO version now but can’t seems to retrieve the serialize method.

All the while I test with Chrome, I hit method not found error. But when I test it on IE and it is working… Wonder why this happen… TQVM

Unfortunately the issue cannot be reconstructed locally.
Please, open ticket at and provide a complete demo where the issue can be reconstructed.