How to segregate data based on parent filter in tree mode.

Hi Team,

I want to implement multi grouping in the calendar timeline View & for that I have found the below code,

Y-Unit We are binding the following array.
    	elements = [ {key:10, label:"Web Testing Dep.", open: true, children: [
			                                          {key:20, label:"Elizabeth Taylor"},
			                                          {key:30, label:"Managers"}]},
		           {key:40, label:"Kate Moss",children: [
			                                          {key:50, label:"Elizabeth Taylor"}]},
		           {key:60, label:"Dian Fossey"}
   And Data binding is in the following manner.

scheduler.parse([{ start_date: “2009-06-30 09:00”, end_date: “2009-06-30 12:00”, text:“Task A- 12458”, section_id:20},
{ start_date: “2009-06-30 10:00”, end_date: “2009-06-30 16:00”, text:“Task A-89411”, section_id:30},
{ start_date: “2009-06-30 12:00”, end_date: “2009-06-30 20:00”, text:“Task B-48865”, section_id:50},
{ start_date: “2009-06-30 14:00”, end_date: “2009-06-30 16:00”, text:“Task B-44864”, section_id:50}],“json”);

It works perfect, as all the children elements has different values. But in my requirement I have to segregate the data as shown in the attached image, in which all the parent filters has same child filters.

Now if I no where give parent section_id while binding Parse() method, how would the scheduler knows under which child elements the data should be added.

For simplicity please find similar code snippet:

Y-Unit We are binding the following array.
elements = [ {key:10, label:“Campaign1”, open: true, children: [
{key:10, label:“Open Events”},
{key:20, label:“Closed Events”}]},
{key:20, label:“Campaign2”,children: [
{key:10, label:“Open Events”},
{key:20, label:“Closed Events”}]},
{key:30, label:“Campaign3”,children: [
{key:10, label:“Open Events”},
{key:20, label:“Closed Events”}]}

In the Y-Unit, children in the all parents has same values. So now while parsing the data if you just say, section_id:10, there are multiple places where section_id = 10.

Please suggest the solution.