how to select an optio for a coro cell programmatically?


I’m trying to “pre-select” an option from a combo list in a new created row and I’m wondering how to do this.

It’s not a problem to populate an ed-cell with text. But I just don’t understand, how to make an option in a coro-cell to be auto-selected. I.e. in the new created row I need the second cell (that is coro typed) the first possible oprion oif combo to be auto-selected.

I would very appreciate your help on this topic.


You can use default way to set cell values
The only difference, in case of co|coro excell , you need to use option value, not option label, as parameter


grid.addRow(nid,[“some”,“1”]); // will result in “some|One”
// or grid.cells(nid,1).setValue(“1”);

thanks for info! Unfortunatelly hte values of coro are loaded dynamically, so there is no way to know the “right” value to be selected.

Is there a way to select an option by index? (i.e. “select the first optin avlilable”)?


sorry for bothering you!

I’ve fount how to do this:

    mygrid.addRow(mygrid.getUID() );
    mygrid.cells(mygrid.getRowsNum()+1, cellIndex).setValue(mygrid.getCombo(coroColumnIndex).keys[0]);