How to send custom info while loading the data for scheduler


while loading data into the scheduler we are calling as shown in the below

it calls Get Method and on the ServerSide APi function Get(datetime datefrom, datetime dateTo)

and it is loading the data and I am able to make working.

I have scenario where I need to load based on the departments in my Org (where I have List of Orgs displayed in a combox of my view, when user selects certain org I want to pass the org Id (which I get from the combo selected) along with the other two parameters i.e.

Get(guid orgId, datetime datefrom, datetime dateTo)

Basically I want to load only one department events at a time instead of loading all the departments.

document.addEventListener(“DOMContentLoaded”, function (event) {

    //show spinner while loading data
    scheduler.config.show_loading = true;

    scheduler.config.details_on_dblclick = true;

    //Set Starting and ending hours of Scheduler
    scheduler.config.first_hour = 6;
    //scheduler.config.last_hour = 24;
    scheduler.config.limit_time_select = true;

    // initializing scheduler
    scheduler.init("scheduler_here", new Date(2022, 09, 01));

    //To enable the dynamic loading, call the setLoadMode method:

    scheduler.updateView(new Date(currentYear, currentMonth, 01), "week");

    scheduler.attachEvent("onLoadStart", function () {
        scheduler.config.readonly = true;

    scheduler.attachEvent("onLoadEnd", function () {
        scheduler.config.readonly = false;

        //spinner off
        scheduler.config.show_loading = false;

    // initiating data loading

    scheduler.attachEvent("onLoadError", function (response) {
        dhtmlx.message("Failed to load data");

    scheduler.attachEvent("onSaveError", function (ids, resp) {
        dhtmlx.message("Failed to  update data");

    // initializing dataProcessor
    var dp = new scheduler.createDataProcessor("/api/schedulerApi");

    // and attaching it to scheduler

    // setting the REST mode for dataProcessor
    dp.setTransactionMode("REST", false);

Note : I am using ASP.NET MVC, SQL SERVER and Javascript

Hello @suresh9sb ,

Looks like you are searching for server-side filtering functionality that is described by the following link:

Especially filtering during loading:

If you prefer to use the Client side API(as you provide in code fragment), it allows filtering events on client:
(so events will be loaded, but won’t be displayed based on filter config).

Best regards,