how to set a default value like a remember filter for Combo

I am using Combo v.2.6 build 100722

I startup the combo like this:

[code]var combo = new dhtmlXCombo(“combo_zone_store”, “f_store”, 230);
combo.enableFilteringMode(true, “select_store.php”);
combo.attachEvent(“onChange”, getResult);

         var text = combo.getComboText();

I have this in the getResult()

function getResult() { //if ($('input[name=f_route]').val().length>0 && $('input[name=f_store]').val().length>0) { if ($('#ff_store').val().length>0 && $('#ff_store').val()!='0') { console.log('Set combo text: '+$('#ff_store').val()); var temp=$('#ff_store').val(); $('#ff_store').val(0); combo.setComboText(temp); combo.filterSelf(); return;//to stop runing the *rest of the code* } // rest of the code }

What I am trying to do is to select a value saved in the session. I’ve put from the session into the ff_store, the value that is saved on server side.

When the page loads I want the default value to be shown in the combo. The problem I have is that the values are loaded by Ajax, so I don’t know how to set the default value to it.

Can you please help me?