how to set alternative text when I drag and drop a row in dh

Hi there,

Here is my case 1: first column in dhtmlxgrid is an image link, the other columns are text cells. The images have alternative text, say, “yyyy”. When I start to drag a row, the alternative text under the cursor looks like an image of “up arrow” instead of “yyyy”.

In my case 2: If I would like to use the information from the second column as the alternative text under the cursor to indicate which row I am dragging, what should I do with it?

Of course, if the cells in the first column are holding text instead of image links, everything is fine.

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You can redefine rowToDragElement method to achieve necessary behavior

case 1

    return this.cells(id,0).getTitle();  


case 2

    return this.cells(id,1).getValue();