How to set auto height of Layout cells


I am using Layout and I attached GRID and CHART with layout using “attachObject” and its working pretty good, but the problem I am facing is auto height of layout cells. Now can any body tell me how to set auto height of layout cell and to show grid and chart with scroll or show full data of my grid and charts.

Thanks in advance.

There is no autoheight mode. If you need to to set sizes depends on attached components dimensions, you need to count it manually and set to the layout’s cell (i.e. via onPanelResizeFinish or onResizeFinish events)

And we also always recommend attach grid, chart (and so on) components the next way: … hgrid.html … chart.html
Methos attachObject is for attaching HTML objects in the cell

Thanks a-lot Darya for your prompt response. I would like to know why we can’t set auto size, I tried the attached element as well but there I also didn’t got the proper size of cell according to the charts and grid height and one thing more I also didn’t get the scroll of the elements on cell of layout and accordion and I have already studied the links you have provided.

attachGrid and attachChart methods are give you possibility to be autosized and scroll is always appear if it is needed.
But there is no autoresize mode for attached div, as it has fixed dimentions. DHTMLX components don’t use sizes in %. If you need it - you need to count it manually.
If your chart or grid is very big and you need to use attachObject method to save the normal size, you can use it and then use method showInnerScroll() to forse scroll to be appeared.