How to set button height?

how to set button height?thanks!
this is my code:
{view:“form”, id:“myform”, width:531, height:50, elements:[
{type:“clean”, cols:[
{view:“button”, type:“form”, id:“cash”, label:“cash”, click:“cash”},
{view:“button”, type:“form”, id:“update”, label:“update”, click:“update”}

Alexandra?where ar you?

You can use height and width properties for all views.

{view:"form", id:"myform", width:531, height:50, elements:[ {type:"clean", cols:[ {view:"button", type:"form", id:"cash", label:"cash", click:"cash", height:30}, {view:"button", type:"form", id:"update", label:"update", click:"update", height:30} ]}, {} //empty view to take free space ]}

I try,but dont.why?thanks!!

Sorry for inconvenience. While you can change height of button box, it will not alter visible button size, it is hardcoded in css.

can you ask me,how to change height of button box in CSS?
Do you have any examples?
thanks you very much!!

Add style like next, with desired height value

<style type="text/css">
		.dhx_inp_form_button, .dhx_el_button input, .dhx_el_formbutton input, .dhx_el_prevbutton input, .dhx_el_nextbutton input, .dhx_el_roundbutton input {