How to set Color to an Event ?

Hi !

I read the documentation to find out how to set a color to an event.

I added color and textColor fields in Envent table in my database.

Do I have to do something else ? Because only default colors still been applied…

Do I have do manually add a colorpicker in the lightbox ?

Thanks !

how do you specify the values for the color properties?

Scheduler lightbox does not contain a built-in colorpicker control, so it can be either added manually or you can use a text or a select input.
E.g. like it done in this example (it shows a different component, but the coloring and lightbox API works exactly the same way) … olors.html … ditor.html

Thanks ! I will take a look at it.

I set them manually in the database to make tests.

Doesn’t help me to set color. I have entries in the database, but default colors still shown. Even if users can set them, it will remain the same :S

And about the third link, where do I have to put the code for lightbox ?

Thanks !