How to set lightbox values to default after adding task?


Can we clear/restore to default the lightbox values after a task has been added?

please clarify the use-case. In which case the values are not cleared?
Usually when you create a new task or open lightbox for the existing one, all controls are filled with the values of the current task (so an old state is cleared).

As for the original question, you may try reseting lightbox markup from onAfterLightbox … event.html … htbox.html

I have implemented a custom element in the light box.When I add a task for the first time it works fine but as soon as i add another task it displays the previous value entered for the first task. If I empty the value in the set method then, if i edit a task then its value is not getting displayed.

please provide a demo. It’s not possible to give a valid answer without seeing the code.