How to set the dynamic height of dhx_cal_container?

I am not setting up the height of dhx_cal_container at the initial level. But I wanted to set the height of container once the data is loaded.

Anybody please help me to do that.

Hi @jaypal999

Scheduler takes up the whole size of its container element without expanding it. Which means that if you don’t specify the container height or set it to 0, scheduler will also have zero height and won’t be displayed.

So, you have to specify the height in % to make it dynamic and to correctly render Scheduler on the page.

Please check more details in the chapter Scheduler sizing.

If I specify the size with % it is still not taking the shape.


Please, make sure that parent element for .dhx_cal_container html container also has some height set. Otherwise, the resulting height might be zero and scheduler won’t be displayed.

If the event after that the issue still exists - please update the code in the snippet system to reproduce it and send me the new link.