How to set the "text-overflow:ellipsis" in tabbar

I need set the “text-overflow:ellipsis” in a tabbar because the label of the tabs is too big.

Please, help me.


Just add next css line to your html page

.dhx_tab_element div {

Beware that “text-overflow:ellipsis” has not cross browser support, it may have sense, just to change default tab height ( 3rd parameter of constructor ) and made two lines of text visible as the tab caption.

Hi ,
 I have used the above css for the above problem but it does not work on firefox ; It works fine on IE even without this css.

My label name on tab in too big and it gets cut.
What is the other solution ?

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text-overflow:ellipsis works only for IE. Unfortunately, there are no similar solutions for FireFox.