How to set : The Vertical scroll bar move with the cursor in

Hi, Team

I want to set the Vertical scroll bar move with the cursor in grid,

But when the cursor in grid move around the screen height, the Vertical scroll bar doesn’t move with.

Cound you tell me how to set ?




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Which version of grid you are using? In all latest versions it is default behavior.
You can try to use


Also, please be sure that you have unique IDs for each row

First,Thank you for your answer.

Second,the version which I am using is v.1.6.

Maybe, the question which I asked is not in right descripton. sorry

The question which I meet with is :

 When I call the method:mygrid.selectCell(i, j) , I want the Vertical scrool bar move with it(move to somewhere, operator can see the selected cell).

Is there has any event can catch it ?  Cound you tell me some advice?

Thanks again!

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One of early build of grid 1.6 really has similar issue ( auto-selection not works correctly )
Fixed js file for grid 1.6 sent by email

The grid 1.6 has received. Thanks

The problem has resolved.

Thank you very much!

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