How to set up a timeline with the hours within days ?

(This is a google translation)

I want to use this component in a commercial project by purchasing a license.
Currently I am doing test to see if this component corresponds to our needs.
I need a scale of hours within days with the ability to configure the start time and end time (see attached image).

What are the scripts I need to change to get this view?
Any ideas, solutions, tricks?


You can change step size in timeline view, so it will have time scale, not day scale at the top.
For example - samples\06_timeline\02_lines.html

But you will not be able to have only selected time intervals - in timiline view, time scale is linear and can’t have non-linear time steps.

Above functionality can be added only through modification of core elements of dhtmlxscheduler - if you are interested you can contact with details of customization, and they will reply with possible estimation and costs of such modification.

Thank you for your reply.
I send a request for estimation and costs of such modification.
But i think I will do it myself.
And then I release the project with GNU license.

I’ll try to change the view 02_line.html

  • Show days above hours
  • Hide the hours that I did not need
    (see attachment)

Have ways to help me do it faster?

Thank you.

As for second header line - it is relative easy task. Check x_scale function in the dhtmlxscheduler_timeline.js ( you can use sources/ext/ext_matrix.js - which is uncompressed version of the same file ) . You can alter content of that method to render extra row of header. While you are not changing valude of _cols and _trace_x collections - you can alter html in any way.

As for hiding hours - it will be problematic. You can start from _getX - this method receives event object and must return its rendering coordinates. It is not complex with linear time scale, but in your case it will require some extra math.

Thank you for your guidance.
I will test it in early January and I’ll post here the result of my tests …
Or my other questions.
Congratulations for this nice tool.

Please post here when you get this ironed out… we are looking for the same thing!!
Really looking forward to what you put together.

I have not worked on it for now.
Stay connected to the forum to monitor the project.


I want to know if you already make something.
It is a realy good idea, and I will probably use something like this.
I am tring to make it (or something like this), but it will be easier with a begining :blush:
Please give an answer :slight_smile: Thanks !!