How to setup a grid head toolbar style and scrollbar

In a grid, the head style and headtoolbar are very import to my app, but my app can’t support more 20000 records, so i buy an enterprise license of dhtmlx suite. now my problem is how to define a header toolbar in the grid.

the grid toolbar contains buttons.
in current issue’s relationships tab, my grid head toolbar should allowed me to add related items from another queryDefinition; or if the query results is empty, the user can create an related item; and remove 1 of current grid records related.
in current issue’s attachments tab, grid head toolbar allowed me to upload files, remove files, download file of current item.
in current item’s History tab, the head toolbar buttons are ‘most recent last’ and ‘most recent first’.

this is 1 issue’s detail page, there has issues page and document page.
if the document has 10000 rows, document view grid in my application also has 10000 records in 1 grid page can not allowed to be paged.

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You may try to use the dhtmlxToolbar component to create a toolbar and place it over your grid:

About the scrollbar: Just try to set the required height to your grid container. the scrollbar will appear automatically. For example: