how to show one Event for multiple resources


I have a doubt with handling of events in multiple resource view.

Suppose i have one Event or Appointment which includes multiple resources like A , B & C
i.e. I have one Appointment/Event which requires all this three resources.

How can i show this one event for each & every resource…??
i.e. in multiple resource view it should show 3 individual events in Column of A , B & C …??

Is it possible to do…?? how can i achieve this…??
i.e. one event with multiple resources…??


I am doing something similar.

If you think about it in terms of data, you have a one to many relationship between the event and the resources.

So I defined a xref table and modified the connector to pull data via a join. Also, to save appropriate data by using triggers, like ‘afterProcessing’. I don’t believe, there is an out-of-the box way to do that without customizing the connector and would be happy to hear from dhtmlx if I am wrong!

You also need to load resources into options, which you are probably already doing!


There is no built in support for such use-case, unit and timeline view can show event only for one resource. So the above solution with server side join look as best workaround. Same for server side, you will need to customize connector to save such events.

You also need to load resources into options

One options, which can be useful in this scenario is one-to-many selects in lightbox form. … ultiselect
It doesn’t solve unit view issue, but allows to assign multiple resources to one event.

By the way, we are considering native support of one-to-many relation in the unit view.