How to show pie chart slice? How to link to textbox value?


Im trying to use the Pie chart and a horizontal bar chart together along with a textbox where all 3 values are connected together.

The project has 10 pie charts, one per group.

The pie chart shows the slices from each of the 10 different groups, but for any one section it only changes the slice associated with that group. so in the pie chart the other slices are from the other 9 sections. but in the section being used if you change the value of the textbox, it increases the size of the horizontal bar, where the scale is 0 - 100 and increases the size of the pie slice

but how to do this? how to tie the values together?


there is not any ready bind methods for this. You need to use chart API. For example the following will reload change data

chart.load(url) or chart.parse(data)