How to show start time and end time of the event?

Hello everybody.

First of all, I would like to congratulate the staff of the scheduler.

Use the scheduler in my company to display the electronic point of each employee.

Only the scheduler only shows the start time of the event and the name of the employee. I would also show the final hour of the employee.

As is shown.

09:15 Mark Yan

As I wanted to stay

09:15 17:00 Mark Yan …

Could someone help me do this?

Please it is urgent.

Date part of month events is defined by event_bar_date template, you can override it: scheduler.attachEvent("onTemplatesReady", function(){ scheduler.templates.event_bar_date = function(start, end, ev){ return scheduler.templates.event_date(start) + " - " + scheduler.templates.event_date(end) + " "; }; });

Thank’s dude…
That is the exactly what I want!!..

I had achieved before concatenating the variables of the final hour with the variables of the User, along with a space. But thanks.

Valeu cara…

Era exatamente o que eu queria.

Eu tinha conseguido antes concatenando as variáveis da hora final com as variáveis do usuario, juntamente com um espaço. Mas obrigado.