How to show the sort mark in the correct position when I ch

Hi team

The sort mark “△” / “▽” is always remains the same position When I change the cloumn’s width in the dhtmlgrid.

Some times the mark will be displayed in the other column nearly.


Issue must be already fixed in latest version of dhtmlxgrid ( 2.0 build 81107 )
If you are using older version of dhtmlxgrid -you can try to add next code

return true;

Thanks very much.

I got another problem after the code was added.

I can change the width freely when the mark is “△”.

But the mark (“▽”) will be changed to “△” when I change the width of the column,The order of the records has not changed.


Please try to use the next code instead of previous one, it must work correctly in all cases

return true;

Thanks. :slight_smile: