How to start fresh

I installed this plugin for Wordpress and was unable to save any events. They turned red instantly and were gone if I went to another page. I tried deactivating the plugin, deleting and reinstalling but the problem still occured. Then I downloaded the 2.3 version from this site and reinstalled.

Now my calendar page has the outline of the calendar with some empty tabs up top but no dates or anything. If I try to create an event from the plugin settings page it turns red and will not save.

How can I start fresh. It seems like it is saving some of the settings when I delete and reinstall.

This is installed on a company intranet. Server 2003, WP 3.0.3. MySQL 5.1 and PHP 5.2.14 were installed via the Microsoft Web Platform Installer.


Try to

a) remove plugin
b) run the next sql query

DELETE FROM wp_options WHERE option_name LIKE “scheduler_%”;
DROP TABLE wp_events_rec;

c) install the plugin again

Ran the queries, reinstalled. When I create an event from the admin panel it turns red right away and dissapears if I leave the screen.


If you have access into scheduler admin panel you should turn on option “Debug mode”.
Then try to create several events, find files

and post them here or send directly to the