How to trigger drag after a delay - on touch and hold for x ms?

Drag and drop or drag to shrink or extend happens too fast.

In my team, we’re thinking we need to delay the move/edit for half a second (like a long press/long click) before drag starts to happen.

Sometimes, when clicking an event to see the details we are dragging it accidentally.

Can you please help about this? Thanks.

Product and version: dhtmlx-scheduler: 4.4.0

UPDATE: I’ve found this: Delay on Drag n Drop Start, which seems related, can you confirm anyways?


Please update your version to the latest one. Some improvements related to this issue have been made in version 5.0.0. Not half a second, but enough to distinguish moving and editing.

When you test it and the issue will still occur for you - let me know, and maybe I can help you in some other way.

Hi Polina, thanks for the input.

Quick question: is there a page I can see or check for update notes from 4.4.0 > 5.0.0? (breaking changes, considerations, etc).

Yes, check the page

Hi Polina.

Today, I installed version 5.0.0 as suggested, however, I’m still able to reproduce this behavior.

Is there other way we can achieve the delay we need? Thanks.

Unfortunately currently such feature is avaialble only by modifying the inner code of the dhtmlxScheduler.
We’ll try to solve this problem in the future updates.