How to trigger "loading" via javascript?

I would like to block interaction with the calendar while a couple of things happen on the server side… and when done, i would like to dismiss it… how can i do that?

PS: using dhtmlx 3.0 and “scheduler.config.show_loading” is not working


You can block scheduler using scheduler.config.readonly = true; when you start an async operation and unblock it using scheduler.config.readonly = false; after it’s completed. If you do scheduler.load - most probably you’ll be able to do it using onXLS/onXLE handlers:
scheduler.attachEvent(“onXLS”, function(){ scheduler.config.readonly = true;});
scheduler.attachEvent(“onXLE”, function(){ scheduler.config.readonly = false;});
If you send ajax manually - you’ll need to set readonly when you sending a request and disable it from ajax callback.