how to turn datatable to grid?

I am using professional edition of dhtmlx and Is there a way to transform datatable into grid and grid into datatable? Or I can transform HTML table to grid and grid to HTML table?

I have been able to read a datatable into grid. Now my question is "Is there a way to read the grid back to DataTable? so I can save grid back to SQLsever. Or Is there any way to save the grid to SQLSever without using connection string?

You can use dhtmlxDataProcessor to send request with information about changed rows to the server side. Please find more information here … cessor:toc
Also you can try to use dhtmlxConnector for .Net. dhtmlxConnector is a set of .NET classes which helps to simplify server side operations related to dhtmlx library components (dhtmlxGrid/TreeGrid, dhtmlxTree, dhtmlxCombo).
Please find more information here … tornet:toc
You can download beta version here …